The Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit Guide

All Hallow’s Eve is almost here with all it’s related spookiness. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a ghost, a spirit guide or an angel? Read on to find out.

What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a spiritual being without a physical body who is there to assist you through your life. Spirit guides have incarnated in the past as a human and are often beings you knew previously in a lifetime. There is usually a level of deep care for you and once remembered, you will also feel a connection with the spirit guide.

How do you tell a spirit guide from a ghost or a guardian angel?

A ghost is a former being who is lost in the spirit world. They are usually unaware that they’ve passed on to the spirit world. Often they are unable to detach from places, things and even people of this world. This leads them to stick around people and places in our world and “haunt” them. Most times the lost spirit does not have clear boundaries and sometimes intervention by an experienced spirit-remover or “ghostbuster” is helpful.

Guardian angels on the other hand, normally do not incarnate as humans and usually have a higher frequency vibration than former human spirit guides. They will always have your best interests in mind. Guardian angels are also here to protect and assist us in a similar way as spirit guides.

Have you ever wondered who your spirit guides are? Do you ever wonder if the little voice in your head is yourself or something or someone else? Have you ever had a small miracle happen? These are usually clues that you are in touch with your spirit guides.

If you’d like to meet your spirit guides, schedule a Clairvoyant Reading or Energy Healing  at Energetic Therapeutics to connect with those that are joyfully assisting you through your life.

Happy Halloween!


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