What to Expect During Energy Sessions

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Energy Healing Sessions are given for your deep healing, and are not about predicting the future or giving advice. This helps you find your own answers which already reside within your space. After a few sessions, you may start to experience mild to profound shifts in your perspective, your health and your life. Energetic healings are sacred and very powerful. We hope you experience transformation as you move closer to your life path.

The sessions last one hour. There will be some time at the beginning of the session to talk about what you would like to receive from the healing. During the session you will lay on a massage table fully clothed. While receiving an energy healing you may feel many sensations including: warmth, tingling,  lightness,  a sense of apprehension, calmness, peacefulness or a deep sense or relaxation or letting go. These are all natural feelings. When they arise, it’s an indication that energy is moving and change is occurring.


Things that may come up during the sessions include: past lives, loved ones who have passed on from this lifetime, or spirit guides. Other times, insights into relationships, families or your childhood will arise. Sometimes the information that comes through may be very specific, and sometimes very general. Tools such as crystals, aromatherapy and flower essences may be used to assist you in healing. During the healing, communication will be given to you about what is happening to your auric body and auric field on an energetic level. You may request insight into what energies are surfacing. After the session you may start to experience changes, some subtle, some profound, in your life. Your reactions and relationships may change. Your thoughts and perspectives may be different. You will have taken a spiritual step in your evolution.

Clairvoyant Reading

A clairvoyant reading session is similar to an clairovyant energy healing session but there are a few differences. During the initial part of the session you can discuss what you are looking to have read and healed. You will be seated during the entire session. We will look at where you are on your spiritual path, related past lives, your chakras and/or your aura. During the reading there will be time for questions, and towards the end you can receive a short energy healing.  A “next step” will be given to close out the session. Post reading, you may also experience perspective changes, shifts and transformations in your life as your inner understanding broadens.

Business or House Healing

These healings can be done on-site of the business or house or remotely. The session will last two hours and include healing the business or home of obstacles, negative entities and stagnant energy. Clairvoyant insight will be given on human and spiritual dynamics affecting the business or home in present time. After the initial walk through, one or more of the persons in the business or home will be seated to receive the clairvoyant reading of the space. Please see the House and Business Healing page for more details.

Relationship Reading

This is a seated one hour reading for an individual or a two hour reading for couples. We explore your heart chakra and your self-affinity space. What are you co-creating with your partner? What kind of relationship do you want to manifest? What past lives have you shared? What information do you want to become aware of that is blocking you from creating your dream relationship?