Alchemy Healing Packages

Alchemy:  a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Offering advanced healing packages for you to take the next steps in transformation. These Alchemy Healing Packages are where you transcend your current reality and old belief system. What you once believed possible begins to open to new and exciting levels of consciousness and awareness. All dis-ease of the body or mind begins on the energetic level and can begin to heal first on level of the energy body.


Alchimia, the spirit of alchemy depicted as a woman working in her kitchen workshop

Accessing those things that we can’t see with our physical eyes, yet exist nonetheless, can make a huge transformation in your everyday life.  Energy Healing can help you release the deepest and earliest origins of the problem that keep you repeating the same patterns.

The Alchemy Healing package is designed to uncover deep unconscious issues which keep you from transcending. The energy healing helps focus your intention in order to bring a powerful shift in how you live. At each healing we will be able to see how your path is evolving and track your progress session by session.

These healing packages are an incredible opportunity to  help you live the best life possible!

Alchemy Energy Healing Package Details:

Infusion:  the introduction of a new element or quality into something.

Infusions are those areas of your life where you’d like to focus.

Choose your Infusion: (theme)

-Mind/Body Connection or Health Related
-Create Your Own


Alchemy Healing Package Basic

Four sessions to be completed within six weeks, to assist you in transforming the area of your life you’d like to focus on.


Session 1- Initial Alchemy Session with Intention Setting & Energy Healing
Session 2- Clairvoyant Reading or Energy Healing
Session 3- Clairvoyant Reading or Energy Healing
Session 4- Energy Healing & Deprogramming*

Alchemy Healing Package Deluxe

Six sessions to be completed within nine weeks, to assist you in transforming the area of your life you’d like to focus on.

Session 1- Initial Alchemy Session with Intention Setting & Energy Healing
Session 2- Energy Healing
Session 3- Energy Healing
Session 4- Energy Healing & Deprogramming*
Session 5- Energy Healing
Session 6-Energy Healing & Deprogramming II

Please Note: Currently, all sessions are Distance/Remote

*Deprogramming: Clearing past programming, which may be beliefs, patterns and thoughts that are not your own but come from others, including ancestors.


Alchemy Healing Package Basic  – Distance ~ $

Alchemy Healing Package Deluxe – Distance ~ $

No limit on package purchases. Packages can be gifted. Gift Cards are available. Package start dates to begin within three months of purchase.

Three ways to pay:

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Alchemy Healing Package Basic –  Distance

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Alchemy Healing Package Deluxe – Distance

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*Please note: When scheduling the first package session you will be asked for your credit card information to hold the appointment but will not be charged.

** If for any reason the above systems do not work for you, please email/text and I will help set up your package sessions.  If you have further questions about the Alchemy Healing Packages, please contact me: or 415-710-4833.

Testimonials for Alchemy Healing Package

Angel has a wonderful gift.  I chose the Alchemy Healing package to work with her, and the sessions were amazing. She identified and cleared things that were holding me back, even things I was not aware of.  With her gift she can pinpoint where I needed assistance and support.  And I felt that support.  I feel this package truly shifted my energy in so many positive ways.  I feel like I will really find my life path, because Angel helped open all the channels.  She is the best gift of self-care that you can give yourself. I highly recommend her.  ~ Theresa S., 2017


(I noticed) a deeper/kinder relationship to self… Especially around self-love. I wasn’t sure what to expect but moving … energy feels pretty profound and life changing, letting go of negative beliefs I’ve had my whole life feels pretty profound in general. It felt very personal which was great, so I think for me, this is what I needed. ~ Miranda, 2017


I highly recommend the alchemy package that Angel puts together for you. My experiences allowed me to know more of myself. I now have more compassion for myself and can recognize and access parts of me that were blocked. My heart and mind are opened and I find that I’m less negative. My ability to let things go, while still receiving the beauty the universe has to offer has truly increased. Angel is an extremely kind, warm and caring practitioner who cares about my personal journey. ~ Emma, 2017