How does Distance Healing Work?

Here is an answer I gave to a client who wanted to better understand how an energy healing can work even over great distances:

There is no time and space in ultimate reality.  We here on earth are in the illusion or veil.  In our world, time is stretched out into a timeline where we have time and space to exist in physical form. But behind the veil there is a spirit realm and in that realm there is no time nor space.  So I can heal you immediately across what we in our earth bodies consider thousands of miles away and you feel the effects immediately. From my spiritual/clairvoyant perspective, our energy bodies are right next to each other even though our physical bodies are miles away. I can see you as I am moving out energy, cutting cords, balancing chakras, etc, and you are in that moment experiencing a healing.

I have both domestic and international clients who receive distance energy healing from me. The distance energy healing is just as effective as if we were in the same room. The images and the information is the same quality as in-office healing.  For most of my clients we do the healings on the phone. Often clients may want to start off with a Skype or Facetime session, but after a while it becomes clear to “see” each other with our physical eyes doesn’t necessarily improve the healing and we often switch to phone.

I hope you will consider giving  distance energy healing a try.

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