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Post Pandemic Update 2023

In response to the shifting times, all energy medicine services are now being held remotely. Services available include Clairvoyant Energy Healing, the Alchemy Healing Package and the new Past Life Reading Package. All acupuncture services; traditional, esoteric and intuitive, are on hold until further notice. Please read below the description of how distance or remote energy healing works.

Coronovirus Update 2020

Office Schedule Changes and Letter to Clients

Greetings to All,

During this time, my sincerest hope is that everyone is well and safe.  For the time being, we are in a “shelter in place” in San Francisco except for “essential services” under the order of the City and County of San Francisco, Department of Public Health Order of the Health Officer.

I’d like to let everyone know although I will not be in the office during this time, I will be available for Distance/Remote Energy Healing.  To schedule a session and receive a timely response, please contact me directly by email at or text me at 415-710-4833.  Requests by voice phone or voicemail may take up to a week to receive a response.

For those of you who have never had a Distance Energy Healing session, below is more information about what an energy healing is and how it works:

Having a distance clairvoyant energy healing is a way to receive an energy healing anytime and anywhere in the world. As the healing works on the energetic/light body and not the physical, location ceases to matter.

Behind the veil there is a non-physical realm and in that realm there is no time nor space, which means I can heal you immediately across what we in our earth bodies consider thousands of miles away and you feel the effects immediately. From my spiritual/clairvoyant perspective, our energy bodies are right next to each other even though our physical bodies are miles away. I can see you as I am moving out energy, cutting cords, balancing chakras, etc, and you are in that moment experiencing a healing.

For many years now, I have both domestic and international clients who receive distance energy healing from me. The distance energy healing is just as effective as if we were in the same room. The images and the information is the same quality as in-office healing. Sometimes called remote healing, a distance healing can be given either live on phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Results from receiving a remote energy healing is similar to an in-person energy healing. Some of the benefits you will receive through distance energy healing are an increased state of relaxation and/or alertness and a lightness of being. A distance energy healing gives your energy body, energy field, and chakras a healing. During a session, clairvoyance is used to look at your aura and relay information to you. You are able to take a step closer to your highest potential.

If you have any questions about distance energy healing, or anything else please feel free to contact me.  Please stay safe and well and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

With Blessings and Gratitude,

Angel Clark, L.Ac.
Energetic Therapeutics



Radio Interview, September 26, 2018

Eight minute radio interview. Topics include Angel’s background, healing intentions, and the differences between offered modalities of esoteric acupuncture, traditional acupuncture and energy healing.

Blog Talk Radio Program Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Here is the link to listen to the podcast interview with live caller’s questions.–guest-angel-clark–intuitive-reader-healer