Distance Clairvoyant Energy Healing

shutterstock_95858824Having a distance clairvoyant energy healing is a way to receive an energy healing anytime and anywhere in the world. As the healing works on the energetic/light body and not just the physical body, location ceases to matter. The distance energy healing is just as effective as if we were in the same room. The images and the information is the same quality as in-office healing.

Past what our eyes can see, there is a non-physical realm. In that realm there is no time nor space, which means you can be healed immediately across the earth, thousands of miles away, and you feel the effects immediately. From a spiritual/clairvoyant perspective, our energy bodies are right next to each other even though our physical bodies are miles away. The healer sees “you” as they move out foreign energy, cut cords and balance your chakras, and you, in that very moment, are experiencing a healing.

Results from receiving a remote energy healing is similar to an in-person energy healing. A distance energy healing gives your energy body, energy field, and chakras a healing. During a healing session, clairvoyance is used to look at your aura and relay information to you. Some of the benefits you will receive through distance energy healing are an increased state of relaxation and/or alertness and a lightness of being. You are able to change and transform your life more quickly. You are able to take a step closer to your highest potential.

Distance Energy Healing Sessions can be received anywhere in the world. Distance healing can be given either live on the phone, Skype or FaceTime. Click here to schedule a Distance Clairvoyant Energy Healing now.