Types Of Energy Therapies

These are the main categories of energy therapies provided and our other energy modalities derive from them.

Clairvoyant Energy Healing

A clairvoyant energy healing gives your energy body, energy field, and chakras a healing. During a session, clairvoyance is used to look at your aura and relay information to you. Each energy healing is unique and different from each other. Issues that may come up during an energy healing include (although not limited to): Past lives, spirit guides, guardian angels, people you know who have passed away, old patterns and their beginning points, unconscious agreements, other spirit beings, and relationships with other people. Having an idea of what you’d like a healing on is helpful, but not necessary. 

The following modalities are also used during a typical session:

Also called laying on of hands, this is an energy healing technique during which hands are gently placed on your body to remove old, stagnant energy and transmit positive universal energy to you. There is similarity to a Reiki treatment. Often people report feelings of calm and warmth during the treatment.

Aura Cleansing
There are seven layers of the human aura or energy field. With hands held above your body, each layer is cleansed, one at a time, beginning with the seventh layer, (the outermost layer), and working inward. You release stuck, foreign or unwanted energy to create space for the activation of your own healing energy. For more information on auras, please see the blog page.

Chakra Balancing
There are also seven chakras in the human energy field. Holding hands anywhere one to two feet away from the chakra, each chakra is cleansed, enabling the chakra to release stagnant or foreign energy, and ensuring you are accessing the abilities of each chakra. This allows you to move more easily through issues and blockages in your life. For more information on the abilities of each chakra, please see the blog page.

Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Therapy
Laying on of crystals, aroma acupoint therapy and topical flower essence therapy may also be part of your healing.

Receiving Intuitive Acupuncture with Crystal Healing

Intuitive Acupuncture                


Intuitive acupuncture is a combination of energy healing and esoteric acupuncture (please see esoteric acupuncture page) in one session.  While the acupuncture needles are balancing the physical body, connecting the physical and energy bodies, you will also receive an energy healing on the energetic body and the chakra system.  This is an intense and deep healing and can be an effective way to create physical, mental and emotional transformations.