Autumn Shadows

As we step into Autumn and look towards Halloween we have the opportunity to look at the shadow side of ourselves. Humans often seek to deny or ignore our dark or shadow sides, but this is a time of year when the veil between the dark and light grows thinner and we can look into the shadowy side of ourselves and our world with more cultural acceptance through the wearing of costumes, or decorating with scary images of witches, skeletons, and Jack O’ lanterns. Even the terrifying and ghoulish is acceptable on Halloween. Which brings us to exorcisms, a topic that can’t get much more darker or shadowy.


What do you know about exorcism? Some remember the movie “The Exorcist”, a 1973 movie about a possessed little girl, (my first glimpse of exorcism when I was a kid), or some other horror film featuring exorcism, like “Constantine” or “The Conjurer”, for instance. Some people think about Jesus casting out demons in the Bible gospels. Or they think about the Catholic church, which has the most well known cases of exorcism in the public realm, although many other ancient religions have beliefs and customs around spiritual possession and exorcisms.

But exorcism is more than Hollywood and not linked to just one man or religion. Exorcism is a spiritual matter, dealing with spirits who enter, possess and control human bodies. Wikipedia defines exorcism as: “the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that are believed to be possessed.” Further, “an exorcist is a person who is believed to be able to cast out the devil or other demons. A priest, a nun, a monk, a healer, a shaman or other specially prepared or instructed person can be an exorcist”.

When an energetic being or spiritual entity has taken over a person’s energy body and aura, an exorcism will help release the person from the energetic being.

One interesting fact is that the Catholic church has recently noted an increase of demonic possession and have asked for more priests to be trained in the ritual of exorcism. Another facet of this aspect is the Catholic church blaming the uptick of possession on tarot cards and fortune tellers.  This is not true and is a ruse to keep people in the dark about themselves and in fear. Tarot cards and real clairvoyants can assist you in knowing yourself better and understanding your life, your unconscious and spiritual aspects of your self.

Jesus and the Woman of Canaan

My Experience

All this talk about exorcism sounds very dramatic, and the movies and media hype up the concept of demonic possession. Through years of clairvoyant energy healing, my experience with negative spiritual entities are many.  Although some people may have difficulty hearing this, the truth is almost all people have some degree of spiritual entities somewhere in the aura or spiritual body. I have seen this as true through the many energy healings I have given over the years. We have all made unconscious agreements throughout our many lifetimes, including our current one, that allow energetic beings into our space. Some people will have very few of these unconscious agreements, and some will have more. What we see in the movies and media are the dramatic cases, though these are few and rare. These “possessed” people will have made an agreement for the spiritual entity to take more serious or intense control of their body.

But mostly, the effect of a spiritual entity in your space is more subtle.  How you may experience it is if you find yourself doing or reacting to something seemingly repetitively without control. Or heavy emotional reactions out of proportion to the situation. Other effects may be not remembering bits of recent time, for instance, not remembering conversations, or the last ten minutes, or what you were thinking a minute before. You may go “unconscious” for a moment, taking a short little nap, almost imperceptible to yourself or others. It can also manifest in the sense of “losing time”, where even hours pass and you don’t know where the time has passed or what happened during that time.

Removing a spiritual entity from your space has to do with releasing the agreement with the entity to be able to use your body or aura. You can do this yourself by stating to yourself you are ending agreements with the spiritual being(s). Now, some of these agreements are very old and very unconscious, so this is where a trained healer or exorcist can assist you.

For the exorcism to be successful, the possessed person needs to have a desire to be free. The being came into your space based on mutual agreement, and to change the agreement, you must be willing to make the internal changes needed so you don’t unconsciously allow another agreement to manifest. If you are unsure about releasing the energetic being, the being has a right to stay, so it is ultimately up to you, as you have final say about who and what is in your space.

I have helped many people be free of many conscious and unconscious agreements with spiritual entities. Please feel free to ask me more questions about this topic. For more information please contact Energetic Therapeutics directly.

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