Alchemy Energy Healing Packages


Symbols of Four Basic Elements of Alchemy

             Earth                            Water                             Air                                Fire





For those who are interested in deepening their healing experience, going further in their spiritual journey or accessing their inner truth and power through remembering who they are on a soul level, Energetic Therapeutics is offering Alchemical Energy Healing Packages.

This Healing Package is meant to help you access deeper meaning in yourself and in your life, healing by healing. The healing packages are offered as Basic and Deluxe. The Basic Package is meant to completed within six weeks and includes energy healing, clairvoyant readings, transmedium healing and deprogramming. The Deluxe Package version is meant to be completed within twelve weeks and includes the Basics as well as a past life clairvoyant reading, DNA activation and a second deprogramming.

Take your spiritual path to a new level! Check out the Alchemy Energy Healing Package page for all the details!

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