What is an Aura II?

In the last article we learned about the aura, or the energy field around your body which can have many different colors within. Just like your body has it’s own auric field, every individual part of your body has its own aura, including your internal organs. The following list is a description of what color aura each organ may have when healthy.

  • Heart: The aura most often has a sapphire blue, and a deep blue color in the nucleus, or interior.
  • Brain: The aura will show light green, with a pale orange or white interior.
  • Liver: The liver’s aura will be red with a green interior.
  • Kidneys: The aura of the kidney is blue, with a light blue within the kidneys.
  • Stomach: A vibrant pink aura with a green interior.
  • Pancreas: The aura will show bright orange-red and a pale blue interior.
  • Intestines: This aura will also be bright orange-red.
  • Bones: A white light surrounds the bones, with the marrow radiating a red color.
  • Spleen: The spleen has an orange aura with a pale green interior.
  • Lungs: Usually the lungs show a blue aura with a deep blue interior.
  • Bloodstream: Ruby-red is the aura radiating from the bloodstream.
  • Reproductive Organs: The aura of these organs is usually red-orange.
  • Eyes: Light green mixed with light green, sometimes blue.
  • Nerves: Many colors, usually light green, sometimes pink, violet.
  • Spine: The aura is a healthy white.
  • All cells of our body will vibrate at silver, representing the divine intelligence and spark within each cell.
  • When these organs or cells are ill or unhealthy, often the aura will turn gray, or is spotted with gray.