Distance Clairvoyant Energy Healing

shutterstock_95858824Having a distance clairvoyant energy healing is a way to receive an energy healing anytime and anywhere in the world. As the healing works on the energetic/light body and not the physical, location ceases to matter. Sometimes called remote healing, a distance healing can be given three ways:

1) Stay on the phone/Skype/Facetime during the entire healing.

2) Healing can be given while you are busy doing something else (work, sleep, etc.), and a time can be arranged to relay the reading and healing process.

3) Healing can be given and then a report emailed to you.

Results from receiving a remote energy healing is similar to an in-person energy healing. Some of the benefits you will receive through distance energy healing are an increased state of relaxation and/or alertness and a lightness of being. You take a step closer to your highest potential.