What is an Aura III?

Layers of the Aura

Our Energy Field, or Auric Field has seven layers.  These layers correspond to the seven body chakras, which we explore in a later article.  For now, let’s look at the seven layers of the aura.  The first layer of the aura sits closest to the body, with each subsequent layer enveloping/surrounding the previous, but distinctly separate, outward to the seventh layer, which is the layer farthest from us.

Our aura extends outward from us to about the tip of our fingers if we raise our arm horizontally.  We will initially see the seventh layer of a person, and as we interact or communicate with them, we start to see the deeper layers.   Here is a list of the layers of the aura, from first through seventh, and their general associations.

  • First layer:  associated with survival – feeling physical sensations and doing physical functions
  • Second layer:  associated with emotions – where our emotions and feelings pass through us
  • Third layer:  associated with our will – also related to our mental life and linear thinking, power and integrity
  • Fourth layer:  associated with our love – affinity for ourselves and humanity
  • Fifth layer:  associated with communication – the power of the word, listening and taking responsibility for our actions and creativity
  • Sixth layer:  associated with perception – how we see truth, our intuition, celestial love for all of life
  • Seventh layer:  associated with wisdom – this is our connection to spirit