What is a chakra? II

Chakra Series II

The last post we described the seven body chakras, the colors associated with them and their locations.  In this post we will begin to learn about the major functions of each of the chakras.

Our chakras are here to help us develop consciousness for our soul evolvement, as well as being transmitters for energy flow connecting us to the rest of the universe.

  • The first chakra is related on a body level to the adrenal glands. It is related to our survival — food, shelter, clothes, etc. We are able to release old and negative energies from our aura through our first chakra.  Our first chakra is where we connect with our parents and children.  We are also able to connect with our potent kundalini energy through this first chakra.  The vibration of the first chakra is set at personal power.
  • The second chakra is associated with the gonads of our body.  It relates to our emotions, sexuality and reproductive body.  We are able to feel our emotions and other’s emotions through this chakra.  The vibration of the second chakra is set at ownership.
  • The third chakra is associated with the pancreas. This chakra related to how we control the flow of energy through our body.  It also relates to our dream space.  We enter and exit our dreams through our third chakra.  The vibration of the third chakra is set at permission.
  • The fourth chakra is associated with the thymus.  The fourth chakra has to do with our self-affinity, love and relationship. We love and often heal others through our fourth chakra.  This heart chakra connects to the soul.  The vibration of the fourth chakra is set at affinity.

Next up: The three higher chakras!